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What Happens if the Victim of a Domestic Violence Case Filed a False Report against Me?

Domestic Violence charges are a very serious matter that can have long lasting implications on an individuals life. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence you there are options available for you to fight these charges and prove your innocence....

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Do I really need to hire an attorney when being charged with a crime?

All lawyers, regardless of their job, have years of education before they can cross the threshold into a courtroom. After graduating from college, all hopeful-lawyers go to law school. In law school, they don’t just study the laws and memorize them to pass the Bar exam; they practice defending the law. They are expected to know every angle, every article, and every possible penalty within a single penal code through reading about different cases. ...

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How to get a DUI expunged

Once you have expunged your DUI or felony conviction, you are not legally obligated to tell employers it ever happened, and employers may not legally use it as justification for making employment decisions if they happened to find out. However, you still have to disclose convictions expunged or not when applying for teaching credential or state licensees. State licensing boards may use the conviction as a reason not to grant or renew licenses or credentials, but are less likely to if the conviction has been expunged. ...

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How Does California Detect Drug Trafficking?

When you think of “drug trafficking,” most people think of large operations in hidden warehouses and large piles of drugs everywhere. Though this definitely fits the definition of drug trafficking, most people who are charged and later convicted of the crime are convicted on a much smaller scale....

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